Taking my hand

The suave gentleman smiled

His face astoundingly coy

Like an innocent child

It showed me his life and the places he’s been

And inquired of my dreams and the life I’ve seen


I stared in his eyes

And saw blue waves rolling

My heart’s response

Was a church bell tolling


Giving me time

The kind gentleman stood

In that moment I froze

Like a panicked deer would

His expression was worth all the years I’ll live

And a thumping conferred all the love I’d give


I stared in his eyes

and heard foghorns blaring

My brain’s response

Was, “girl, stop staring!”


Just as my eyes dropped

He gently lifted my chin

And confirmed in that moment

Just what he’d been thinkin’

His response welled my eyes as dimpled cheeks avowed

“You’re such a cute baby and you’ll make mama proud!”


 Supersonic Euphony