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The spillage of a fountain pen

Sketched a tainted heart and then

Forged my name in bloody ink

To stain my pride or so they think


Laced with rage, the page displayed

Bold letterings with spite arrayed

Showcasing dark deserted soul

on freeway to Hades with hiked toll


But then the epilogue of disgrace

Lost its power as if it were erased

The thought of it provoked a laugh

Since the ogre wrote his epitaph


Departed he is and so shall remain

A prodigy has now buried the pain

And he rewrote the horror story

Dark replaced with morning glory



I’ve finally mustered the courage to publish these haikus that I’ve written. I hope you will enjoy them. I look forward to your feedback as I continue to explore the various forms of poetry. Blessings to all adorable members of this WordPress Blogosphere who continue to support each other, here. I’m not always available to comment at will but be assured that I do read as many blogs as possible on a daily basis. You’ve all become like family and are even in my prayers now! Much love and hugs to you all Smile

Verdure is restored

As love potion flows from sky

Tulips pucker up


Spring is in fanfare

Birds and trees are out at play

Children pout, indoors


Rain pummel windows

Spring’s bully assaults the night

Bolts rip bleeding sky


Rafting down the stream

Still waters mirror sunlight

Therapy for miles


Summer seas invite

Tourists bask in paradise

Natives scoot for shade


Seasons come and go

Plants and animals know well

Mankind – still in awe


Limbs strip their raiment

Streets lay eager to receive

Winds are scandalous


11. Arya, Braj Mohan - Nature With Lovers III

If I could reach into the heavens to anchor the sun

Or go to the poles of the globe, I would run

To paint you a rainbow and sop up the rain

If it meant that I could efface all your pain


If I could walk on the ocean or withhold the mist

Or subdue storms and seize the wind in my fist

Then release it again when you can’t find the shade

If it meant that provisions for joy would be made


If I could descend into the heart of the earth

And conquer the grave for all the hell that it’s worth

I’d give you forever sealed with a kiss

If it meant that we’d both have perpetual bliss


But since I can’t do any of these things, I just wish

That giggles and glee will still brim your dish

When  your table is set, you will bask in it all

And I’ll always be here for you when you call


rest your head

Photo credit: Paul D Robertson

Rest your head upon my shoulder

I will help you oust your fears

We won’t sweep them neath the carpet

With a power vac, they’ll disappear


Rest your head upon my chest

I will help unload your cares

We won’t stack them in the freezer

An oven’s lit, we’ll toss them there


When your fears are gone and cares are charred

Your head will leave its resting place

Then my heart and amiable desires

Will rest with you in faith and grace


mirrorgurl.jpg (paulrobinson.com)

Credit to Paul Robertson

I’m not conceited, nope

Your perception is flawed

My idiosyncrasies stand out

So why won’t you applaud?


I’m never opinionated

I’m just always right

So why are you irritated

And seething with spite?


I am understanding

You’re just too dull to see

Stop being so demanding

Dare you contend with me?


Are you talking to self, dear?

No mom! I’m still on the phone

Shhh, s-s-s-so what? it’s clear

Vanishhh, you woeful lil’ clone!


Taking my hand

The suave gentleman smiled

His face astoundingly coy

Like an innocent child

It showed me his life and the places he’s been

And inquired of my dreams and the life I’ve seen


I stared in his eyes

And saw blue waves rolling

My heart’s response

Was a church bell tolling


Giving me time

The kind gentleman stood

In that moment I froze

Like a panicked deer would

His expression was worth all the years I’ll live

And a thumping conferred all the love I’d give


I stared in his eyes

and heard foghorns blaring

My brain’s response

Was, “girl, stop staring!”


Just as my eyes dropped

He gently lifted my chin

And confirmed in that moment

Just what he’d been thinkin’

His response welled my eyes as dimpled cheeks avowed

“You’re such a cute baby and you’ll make mama proud!”


 Supersonic Euphony

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