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Paul robinson - yearning

Photo credits: Paul D Robertson

She licked the brine from her lips

As she spilt the pain of her ordeal

Billows rolled in fury and empathy

As she held a gaze the numb could feel


She had been a rock since birth

But the ocean lapped against the edges

Until defenses crumbled slowly

Into sediments of self bound pledges


Currents of the mighty seas conglomerate

Sweeping o’er a path of retaliation

A thirsty barren soul inundated

In a refreshing mix of amity and elation


Brilliant blue waves rolled that fateful day

But with a sense of certainty

That she would gaze into his eyes

From then until eternity




Photo credit: Paul D Robertson

Tranquility in tandem with my thoughts

As I waft into a realm unknown

Where a life convict assumes release

And a plebeian may don a crown

Gravity’s hold is feeble there

Flesh and spirit are much the same

A soul gallivants just anywhere

And no one even needs a plane

Things that life would never grant

Now a guerdon making views expand

So the undiscerning clearly sees

The Deity crafting life, firsthand

That realm in REM will always be

Concocting salve for tear-less eyes

And blistered aching nomads’ feet

Find solace till they greet sunrise


rest your head

Photo credit: Paul D Robertson

Rest your head upon my shoulder

I will help you oust your fears

We won’t sweep them neath the carpet

With a power vac, they’ll disappear


Rest your head upon my chest

I will help unload your cares

We won’t stack them in the freezer

An oven’s lit, we’ll toss them there


When your fears are gone and cares are charred

Your head will leave its resting place

Then my heart and amiable desires

Will rest with you in faith and grace



To surmount an upward slope, we view

Those prospects at the peak in store

A panoramic gaze into the expanse

With glimpse into a foreign shore


A trek begins with the will to climb

But from the base you must be clear

Your form and fear can face the gale

And limbs and vim will take you there


The man atop an alp will tell

The tales of trips and strains and all

But most of all he’s roused to tout

What it really means to be standing tall


Beyond the mount, the ego soars

When humble treetops crouch below

And wave their docile boughs on high

To laud the man with glinting brow

Supersonic Euphony

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