"If you look deep enough, you'll see music!" Thomas Carlyle

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Loftier than the wisps of cirrus on high

We’re falling into each other,

No black holes in this sky

Worries vaporise like a meteor


defining who we are

We bear upon the rise and fall

of the ocean wall

Concerted trajectory,

we must remain in orbit

As the crescent floats in respite


Two stars in  equilibrium,

A metaphysical conundrum




Keenly, in the blaring silence

I learned to listen with my heart

When all’s too still and ears retire

A trumpeting conscience plays its part


I learned to listen to my heart

As its booming got too loud to stifle

And all  I’ve tried, there’s no escaping

It’s like the superego seized a rifle


The conductors of our hearts will lead us

To learn the tempo of sound choice

And so we mustn’t mute the proddings

Of a cacophonic inner voice


Cartoon: reading (medium) by alexfalcocartoons tagged reader,book,

credits to Carlos Alejandro Falcó Chang at http://www.toonpool.com

 In the beginning

Was the word

That offset a chronicle in return

Goals scrawled pompously absurd

Dictating what we seek or spurn



So dutifully illustrated

On each page during waking hours

Notes from a lover, clearly dated

And transcribed from distant shores


Secrets veiled

Behind leather ware

Nuzzle betwixt crisp sheets, contrite

Bidding for permanent residence where

Incubus freely roams at night


The shades and hues

Signify life’s display

Impressed on us as each tinge arrives

And variegated streaks of heart overlay

On the graphic pages of our lives


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